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Message from the School Director 

From the Director:

PWA Teri Sousa director

We all know how important the first years in a child’s life are, and the tremendous and long-lasting impact a good education can have on a person. With this in mind, as parents, we need to actively ask ourselves what do we want our children to have learned, and what skills and tools should they have acquired by the time they leave “preschool” and set out to face the future.

In Pines West Academy Preschool, we believe that young children are capable of complex critical thinking and need to be exposed to diverse experiences that are challenging but within reach so that they can develop into analytical, critical, and autonomous thinkers.

During the period that children attend our school, they experience learning in a fun and exciting way, becoming passionate about learning while they recognize how to learn and how to use the information they receive. Similarly, in accordance with the Edu1st VESS curriculum, Pines West Academy Preschool uses fun-learning techniques to foster honesty, rectitude, and open mindedness in the child, promoting a culture of values along with a culture of thinking.

As school director, I hope your child enjoys his/her time in school at PWA. You are always welcome to bring any issues, comments, or concerns to your child’s teacher or to me. We work hard to make each child’s time in school with us a happy and productive one. Have a wonderful year!

School Director


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