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  • May 2018

    We were fortunate to have our son, Ethan, start his academic career at Pines West Academy. Due the a wonderful start, he has excelled during his first two years at public school, wining several awards and having straight As thus far. We are very thankful to the teachers and staff at Pines West for giving Ethan a running start on his future.

    -ShellyAnn SpringerCharles

  • February 2018

    testimonialpreschool pwaWe recently moved to Florida and had the task of finding the perfect school for our two young children. As a military family we knew very few people in the area who could recommend a school and had to make our best judgement on where to send our kids. When searching for schools we found that Pines West Academy best met all of our needs including a clean and secure environment, small classes with loving teachers, and a hands on curriculum. After just a few short weeks of sending our kids to PWA we knew we made the right decision!!! Not only are we as parents thrilled with our experience at PWA, but our two children love their school! They come home with stories about their day and what they learned. I was planning to only keep them at PWA for one year until they were old enough to attend preschool at the elementary school where I work as a teacher, but we have had such a great experience that we have decided to let them finish their preschool years at Pines West Academy even though it would be much cheaper to bring them to my school where they would be attending for free. That just goes to show what a positive impact PWA has had on our family! We have nothing but good things to say about Pines West Academy and are so happy to have our children here!

    -Lisko Family

  • January 2018

    IMG 0374We just stopped by to say Hello to all of our AMAZING teachers and friends at Pines West Academy before moving to Georgia. Our son and his best friend, both Pines West graduates, are doing great in elementary school! They are reading at a 2nd grade level, just months into 1st grade. My son has had straight A's each report card and loves reading and learning. We are forever grateful for Teri and her amazing team for setting our son up for success, and giving him a strong foundation of education, empathy, respect and morality. We will miss you all!!! Thank you for everything!!!

    -Michael Barnhill

  • November 2017

    Im very happy with the experiences my child has had at PWA. I chose this school for its thinking culture and the teaching of good orals and ethics. I cant think of any experience thats needed at this time.

    -PWA Parent

  • August 2017

    Jason and Keri have learned Spanish words and use them in their daily routine. When we read books at home, they ask what something is in Spanish. They sing Spanish songs. They say Thank You and Good Night in Spanish. They have had a lot of fun during travel summer camp this year and really love Ms O.

    -Yvonne Johnson

    May 2017

    preschoolreview pineswestacademyI can not express how grateful we are to have found this school! Our son had been at another preschool in the area that was not doing well and most of the teachers left. The transition to a new school was extremely hard for him. Ms. Ellen, Ms. Terri and the other teachers did amazing making sure he was comfortable every day. After about a week he would race me to the class room! The curriculum is amazing and so much more then most other preschools offer! My son has been at PWA for almost two years and starts VPK this August! His favorite part of school is his Robotics class! My one year old starts in October with the little ones! Truly an amazing team, minimal turnover, very friendly and professional!.

    -Trisha C.

    May 2017

    pwareviewAs a mother you always want what is best for your children. This is why I set out to find the perfect PreK 2 years early. As an educator myself, I visited every school with a very critical eye. Giana has always been very eager to learn and go to school. Therefore I knew I wanted to find a school that would not only challenge her academically but a school that would nurture her and the learning process as well. After visiting several schools in the course of 2 years, I always came back to Pines West Academy. Not only have they set a strong foundation for my daughter's academic journey, they have ignited her love for learning even more. Thank you Ms. Vaiju and the rest of the PWA staff for making Giana's first year in school so amazing. She is ready for "the big school" as she calls it. This isn't goodbye however, her little sister will hopefully have a spot in 1 year

    -Kathy Disla


    pwatestimony As a mother of twins with food allergies it wasn't easy to find a school for them, besides having a good academic level. After reading, researching, visiting the best schools in my area the moment I entered the Pines West Academy I knew that this was the school they would go to, allergy care and academic standards are exceptional. They have been 2 excellent years, I love to see how they have grown in their independence and on the academic level, not only do they know more things than I expected but can describe, explain and reason in a sense that I didn't imagine they would reach at such a young age. They have been very happy and it shows every day when I go to pick them up and they want to continue playing in school, it has been worth every penny spent on their education. Thank you to all the Teachers and Staff of PWA for making these early educational years of Samantha and Jacqueline so special!.

    -Viviana Villarreal


    Preschool Testimonial Hi! Hope everyone is doing well! I Just wanted to let you know ( and please tell Ms Vaiju), that Abbie got straight As in kindergarten this quarter. 98% in reading and the rest 100% in math, science and social studies! She had excellent in her behavior and all excellent in her academic work. She also received student of the month for cooperation ( ceremony will be tomorrow). We are so proud of her and we know much of her success is due to PWA and the wonderful teachers. Thank you all so much. Abbie misses all of you dearly. Best wishes

    Sayuri Rendon, Abbie DEons proud mom


    pineswest testimony"I visited a few schools, prior to enrolling my daughter Gabriella R, at this wonderful institution. It came down to them or Cambridge. I visited with my husband and Gabby and Director Terry gave us a tour. We were very impressed by the level of structure and their education curriculum. my husband looked at me and said we found her school, my daughter asked me if she could come back. I was soo happy and felt comfortable that my daughter would be attending a clean, caring environment with an excellent curriculum that will help her excel and be ready for the following academic years to come. I can tell you now, it's not a cheap school but once again, your kids educational foundation should not be decided over money. If you can afford it, give your family the best tools to succeed, after all they are the future generation!!! Again if you want excellent education, and a structure environment... Look no further... You have found it!!"

    Yenisbel Gonzalez


    I am so pleased with my sons experience at pines west! We love Ms Ellen & all the staff ! my son is getting an amazing education and he loves his teachers !! Thank you for everything!

    PWA Parent

  • Sep 2016

    Just FYI on an academic program from Duke University that Solomon has been selected for because of his hard work and achievements academically



    preschool pembrokepines review"Ms. Vaiju has been a blessing in Ethan's preparation for Kindergarten. She made me aware of his challenges and strengths which in return, made it easier for me to help him. Pines West Academy's curriculum, along Ms. Vaiju's guidance has more than prepared Ethan for Kindergarten."

    Patricia Turner

  • June 2016

    Good morning Ms. Teri, It is with great pleasure that I send you this email today. I am beyond impressed with the tour that you gave me yesterday in regards to the curriculum, the facility and the staff itself. I know and feel that Pines West Academy is the perfect fit for my son. I loved the Edu1st VESS curriculum and the distinct learning techniques offered. I will begin the registration process as I do not want his spot to get filled. I would also like to have a chance to take my son, so that he can tour the facility himself. I know that he will also feel at home. If you should need anything from me, please feel free to email me or call me.

    Isel Figueredo


    pwa review surveyMrs. Ellen is my sons teacher and I think that she is fantastic. I am very sad for the day that my son moves on to the 3 year old classroom as he loves Mrs. Ellen. He begs me to go to school everyday and there is no better feeling than my son wanting to go to school and so happy to do so! I know that teachers can make kids love or dislike school so I feel very blessed that my son started school with such a great teacher!

    Enzo Bruna

  • Jun 2016

    Its been the best year! I'm so happy with my kid progress. He have improved in a lot aspects and has been motivated all year long. I would like to express my admiration and gratitud to Ms.Tery, Ms Sineidy, Ms.Gerly and Ms Judy, they have been great, very professional and nurturing. Keep doing the excellent job you do every day!

    Daniela Sardinha

  • Jun 2016

    Gives them great problem solving and real life skills.

    PWA Parent

  • Jun 2016

    I am very grateful to the Pines West Academy staff and teachers. I would specifically like to thank Ms. Ellen K for the affection, caring and sensitivity she has demonstrated in dealing with my child. I am truly appreciative of her efforts.

    PWA Parent

  • Jun 2016

    Extremely happy with everyone from the office staff to the teachers. They truly love each child and it is very apparent that their wellbeing and development is their main concern

    PWA Parent

  • Jun 2016

    The teachers are very attentive and caring. We love ms Terri and mrs meredhy and ms Sineidy they are great!

    PWA Parent

  • Jun 2016

    Different and engaging way of teaching children in a fun yet efficient way

    PWA Parent

  • Jun 2016

    1. As parents, we have enjoyed the many songs and special occasion parties that the school coordinates. My sons have loved performing their songs/dances at Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. 2. The staff are all very approachable and friendly. I feel as though they know my kids and care about them as individuals.

    PWA Parent

  • February 2016

    I LOVE PINES WEST ACADEMY PRESCHOOL!!!! This school is absolutely phenominal!. My daughter went here for preschool. She is now in kindergarden and is placed in the first grade class to read with them as she is an advanced reader-and the school year is not even over.

    School Testimonial

    I was talking to a parent at my daughters kindergarden class who shared with me that her own daughter told the mother that there are kids in her class who already know how to read. This happened at the beginning of the school year. After speaking to the kindergarden teacher she shared that PWA students are very well educated and are usually advanced by the time they get to kindergarden.

    The preparation and educational foundation laid at PWA is like no other. They encourage the students to critically think, assess and apply education to practical life skills which is used in eveyday life.

    My son currently attends PWA and he is also doing well. Learning phonics, reading, writing application skills and critical thinking.
    The teachers work so very hard and all their work comes to fruition when they start elementary school. While at PWA the kids are like sponges taking all their learning in. The education laid as the childs foundation catapults them to so much opportunity as they progress into their early education. If your child attends PWA keep them here. Make that financial investment into your childs education. You may not actively see it now while they are attending becuase it's all being absorbed. It's when they get to kindergarden you see the connectedness. Thats where it's tied together.
    As a parent we all get busy but please take the time to supplement what your child is learning at PWA. The teachers are exceptional. But they job is that much more multiplied when you as a parent add to what they do.....I cant say enough!!!!
    One Proud and happy parent :)

    Natacha Garcia

  • Jan 2016

    I want to commend the entire staff at Pines West Academy for their wonderful work with the children.

    PWA Parent

  • Jan 2016

    It's a great environment for my child and his teacher really works hard with him to improve.

    PWA Parent

  • Jan 2016

    My child has adapted well. Enjoys going to school and is always sharing with the family all the new things learned.

    PWA Parent

  • February 2016

    pwa reviewMy son Logan has been attending Pine's West Academy since he was two years old, and will soon be starting kindergarten. I am extremely confident that he has been given the tools and knowledge to succeed and thrive as he continues a life of learning. The Pines West curriculum, Teri Sousa, and all of the teachers are amazing. Collectively, they help to build autonomous, thoughtful, curious, and independent students. One focus that really impressed me recently is the work they have been doing teaching students to "control their impulsivity". Such lessons not only teach self control, but can even help to save a life. I witnessed this recently when Logan and I were getting his soccer ball and it rolled into the street. Although he got excited and was about to run towards it, he stopped himself abruptly. When I praised him for stopping rather than running into the street, and asked how it was he managed to control the urge to chase the ball, he informed me that he had "Controlled his impulsivity". My wife, Logan, and I are grateful every day that we found Pines West Academy. Thank you so much Pines West!

    Michael Barnhill

  • September 2015

    pwa review
    Once again, congratulations on a wonderful year-end show! Every single performance was impeccable, the kids were adorable and - most of all - happy to be there. We fell blessed to have found Pines West and are ecstatic that Cora will start another year there.

    Carolina Macedo Mancini

  • November 2014

    I had three kids in PWA and I have to say it was a great experience. My kids were exposed to an intellectually stimulating and nurturing environment. When they transitioned over to kindergarten, the difference was evident not only in the way core classes (math, etc.) but also in art and music. The teachers said they were leaders in their classes and that their thinking was outside the box. PWA's use of the thinking routines definitely planted that seed to help their intellectual abilities grow in many different ways. Also, I was pleasantly surprised when my 1st grader's teacher said that she was previously exposed to the thinking routines and is planning in using them in her classroom to supplement her required teaching. I highly recommend PWA. Your kids will learn and grow in a stimulating and safe environment.


  • October 2014

    pwa review preschoolEs excelente!!! Su metodología es espectacular y ahora lo reitero! pues realicé el Instituto "El Poder de Hacer el Pensamiento Visible", que ellos mismos dictan y esto me hizo sentir aun más ORGULLOSA y segura de haber elegido el mejor jardín Infantil para mis hijos! Soy Maestra de preescolar y siempre he analizado muy bien el trabajo de mis colegas y las metodologías que utilizan para desarrollar el pensamiento en los niños y así lograr un aprendizaje óptimo y divertido! Hoy quiero decirles a todos los padres que están buscando donde llevar a sus hijos, que no tengan dudas: PINE WEST ACADEMY ES EL MEJOR JARDIN! Y créanme que recorrí muchos otros! Ya tengo 3 años de formar parte de esta hermosa familia y les puedo contar que su personal tiene calidad humana, son excelentes profesoras: Miss Meredy, Mary, Jerly, Ellen, María, Terry, Sineidy, Silvia, Vayu, Liseth, Judy, Eliana... El trabajo que hacen es increíble! Mis hijos no pueden estar en mejores manos! GRACIAS POR TANTA DEDICACIÓN!

    Ana Maria Cotes

  • September 2014

    Pines West Academy and teachers! I just want to give you all a shot out for the amazing work you do! My son, Alexander Shaw is now in 1st grade, has been placed in advanced classes and is thriving! So much of his success is attributed to the exceptional foundation he received at Pines West! I still talk about it and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I can only wish your curriculum would reach students at all grade levels! Keep up the great work!


  • September 2014

    Hi my daughter Khloe Leyte-Vidal graduated from the Pines West Academy last school year now she attends Kinder at St Mark and I just wanted to share her first assessment with Pines West Academy in which she got 100% in all subjects I also wanted to Thank Ms Terry and Ms Gerly and Ms Vaiju for all the good work and and loving care I would love if you can share a picture of the assessment and this message to them Love and we miss all the teachers at Pines West Academy.


  • June 2014

    I just got notification that Solomon earned, received and achieved a PERFECT score of 5 on both the Reading and Match FCAT exams given to all 4th graders in the state of Florida.
    This is the second year in a row Solomon has received a perfect score on both exams. He is probably one of the few students in his age group statewide to do so 2 years in a row.
    He is doing a GREAT job academically!
    Thank you for giving him a great academic foundation!

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • November 2013

    Ms. Sousa,
    I want to thank you for allowing my nursing students to do health teaching in your school. My students had a wonderful experience in learning how to design a lesson plan and effectively teach preschoolers. You have an amazing school with wonderful teachers and such smart kids, all of us were impressed with the school. I can honestly say that this is the nicest preschool that I have taken my nursing students to and I plan on coming to see you again once my baby is old enough for preschool. Thank you


  • October 2013

    Hi there. Just a quick note to say thank you for all the pictures you send me of Evan. I miss him every day when I am at work and it is so nice to connect with him this way. Have a nice afternoon..

    -Yasmin Eley 

  • September 2013

    I go and pick up my daughter at Dolphin Bay Elementary and she tells me: “Daddy, Pines West Academy was a really great school”...I asked what makes you say that? She says: “Because Isabella and I are the only ones that know how to read!!!”. What makes it so funny is that both, my daughter Isabelle Saget and her classmate Isabella, both graduate from Pines West Acadey. This made me feel so proud of my daughter and how much she learned. Thank you PWA for alla you did for not only my daughter, but for every child at the school.

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • September 2013

    We have two children, one graduated from PWA and the other one from another preschool. What we noticed is that the child that graduated from PWA had developed such autonomy and thinking skills that if we had to do it all over again, we would have never moved our other child from PWA no matter how far of a drive it was for us at the time. We recommend your school to everyone.


  • June 2013

    My son showed lots of progress and he could not be happier with the things he learned and the many activities the school had. PWA was the best decision my husband and I could have made. My son showed progress in his vocabulary, creativeness and analytical thinking.
    Thank you so much PWA!


  • June 2013

    My child learned a lot during the school year and I am blessed for my child having such nurturing teachers


  • June 2013

    The level of dedication, love and perseverance have been the key to excellent results on my son and daughter. I have watched how my children progressed and grew throughout the years. Thank you for all you do.


  • June 2013

    pwa review papasPines West Academy Family,
    We wanted to congratulate you on such a beautiful end of the year show. We enjoyed it so much and all the kids were wonderful. Thank you for showing so much love and dedication to our children. Your hard work is greatly appreciate it. We felt so proud watching our Abbie come of out of her shell as she joined her classmates and performed with such enjoyment. A special thank you to all the wonderful teachers who have been an integral part in helping Abbie develop. Ms Sylvia has been so incredible, no words can describe it- we will always remember you as her first teacher. Thank you!

    -D'Eon- Rendon Family (Abbie D'Eon, Ms Sylvia's class)

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  • vip kids googleuserA Google User reviewed 6 months ago

    Before choose an school for our son I visited so many schools in the area. I found Pines West Academy and it has been the perfect place for our son. He has developed an very interested way to do logical connections between his ideas and daily situations. The staff of this school make a big effort to do happy kids. I recommend this school and belive that more schools should adopt this curriculum and teaching techniques.

  • vip kids googleuser A Google User reviewed 6 months ago

    Home away from home. Pines West Academy has provided a close knit, nurturing environment for my son which gives me the peace I need while at work. The staff at Pines West Academy is excellent. They are professional, caring and fully engaged in what they do. The curriculum based on thinking routines has helped my son to develop his critical thinking and communication skills. The curriculum challenges them to probe for questions and understand the "whys". I absolutely recommend this school and could only hope that their curriculum would one day extend itself to grade school!

  • vip kids googleuser A Google User reviewed 6 months ago

    THE BEST DECISION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before enrolling my daughter in Pines West Academy, we were looking at and visiting many schools in the neighborhood. I can now say that it is a great place to develop independent thinking for the children and to apply many routines where children have the opportunity to explore and learn each day in a safe and effective manner, thanks to its excellent curriculum. The teachers are very responsible and caring, every teacher knows every child by name and regardless of the level they attend the course is very personalized and educational. We are happy with the decision taken and highly recommend Pines West Academy as the best in Pembroke Pines. I can not wait for my youngest son to be old enough to join the program as well!

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